Students from the Natural Resource Management seminar visited SoLAWi at Unteröd to conclude the Summer Semester of 2023. After engaging with various perspectives and topics about managing natural resources and their issues throughout the semester, students presented their research surrounded by the relaxing view, warm air, and cooling breeze of Bavarian farming fields. Students explained numerous problem cases around the world, such as mining in Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia; mitigation of Danube river floods in Bavaria from a resilience perspective; forest management in Bangladesh, India, and Amazon; the impact of climate change on coral reefs in Eritrea and fisheries in Scotland; political debates about natural resource management in Myanmar, and traditional ecological knowledge from Taiwan for sustainable water management. The group experienced hands-on practice and received insightful guidance regarding organic agriculture practices, which taught us how to achieve a symbiosis between humans and nature as part of our daily lives.

Photos credits: Euderl Laryea

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